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    Urban garden in Mouans-Sartoux (FR) - Photo by François Jégou

    Food purchase is an agriculture act!

    An overview of the "A Table ! Mouans-Sartoux Food Forum" and what cities have on their plate.

  • BioCanteens#2: cities engaged for food democracy and sovereignty

    3 primary schools’ canteens in the city and a thousand lunches par day 100% organic and mostly local with no cost increase! That the magic of the Good Practice of Mouans-Sartoux, a small sustainable

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    Food for thought in URBACT cities: the broad effects of eating local

    How can improving local food kick-start the systemic transition of a city and its surrounding territory?

  • REFILL@LILLE: Policy Design Labs and URBACT exchange networks

    How civil servants from Lille Metropole benefited from the experience of URBACT REFILL network to shape a roadmap to set their temporary use policy. 

  • BIOCANTEENS: How one city went 100% organic without spending any more

    Une contribution URBACT à l’Agenda Urbain Européen


    The REFILL project is all about the reuse of vacant spaces. A key question is how these spaces are filled to best use. This article describes the speed dating process between city authority