URBACT Good Practices

The ever-growing database of URBACT-labelled Good Practices includes insider knowledge on how cities across Europe have brought  positive change around just, green and productive cities, following URBACT’s core principles of participation and integration.

The showcased initiatives are effective practices, policies and projects that have been successfully put into place and could be exactly what you are looking for in your own city. Most Good Practices are low-cost and high impact. They should be shared, adapted and scaled up. Stay tuned for the next URBACT call for proposals to submit your own success story!


  • Chemnitz / Germany

    The housing agency for shrinking cities

    Revitalising decaying historic apartment buildings by connecting owners, investors/users and public authorities

  • Rome / Italy

    Resilient urban and peri-urban agriculture

    A tool for social inclusion and urban regeneration

  • Preston / __OTHER

    Progressing procurement practice through spend analysis

    Anchor institutions using spend analysis to improve procurement practice and benefit the local economy

  • Groningen / Netherlands

    Internationalisation for sustainable future

    Active management of internationalization in a medium sized university city in order to remain the vibrant local hub in the global knowledge economy

  • Altena / Germany

    Finding opportunities in declining cities

    Working with civil society to reverse decline in small and medium sized towns

  • Turin / Italy

    Everyone's an innovator

    10 000 public employees, 10 000 potential innovators