Revitalising city centres of smaller cities

01/09/2015 08/06/2018


The cities of this Action Planning network were challenged to identify the urban issues relate to their city centre, analyse perceptions and reality of those areas. All cities have a centre which historically and functionally brings residents, businesses, services and a range of social activities together. Thus, the involved cities shared ideas and practices, supporting each other to develop actions to strengthen the revitalisation of their city centres (which is often the nexus for social, cultural and, ultimately, economic local development).



Lead Partner : San Donà di Piave - Italy
  • Amarante - Portugal
  • Heerlen - Netherlands
  • Idrija - Slovenia
  • Medina del Campo - Spain
  • Naas - Ireland
  • Nort-sur-Erdre - France
  • Petrinja - Croatia
  • Radlin - Poland
  • Valašské Meziříčí - Czech Republic

City of San Donà di Piave Piazza Indipendenza, 13 – 30027



Kick-off meeting in June (Heerlen). Transnational meetings in September (Medina del Campo) and November (Amarante).
Transnational meetings in April (Nord sur Erdre), May (San Dona di Piave), July (Idrija) and September (Valmez).
Final event in March (San Dona di Piave).