Problems and solutions table

The PROBLEMS AND SOLUTIONS TABLE aims to identify solutions for each defined problem and the resources required for them to be implemented.





Who is this tool for ?When should the tool be used?
City practitioner in charge of multi-stakeholder groups – Local stakeholder 

It should be used at the beginning of the project, once the problem has been clearly defined and framed, to start brainstorming on possible solutions.

It can be used for brainstormings and for idea knowledge exchanges.


Looking for some examples?

To see an example of a filled in Problems and Solutions Table, click here.


How to use it online?


This tool can be used during virtual meetings to organise an online collaborative exercise. The Problems Solutions table can be uploaded in an online collaborative whiteboard platform (such as Miro, Mural...) or in a Google sheet and participants can then fill in the table thanks to virtual sticky notes.