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Catch up on the latest updates from cities working together in URBACT Networks. The articles and news that are showcased below are published directly by URBACT’s beneficiaries and do not necessarily reflect the programme’s position.

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  • URBACT and the UK cities

    A message about URBACT beneficiaries and experts from the UK.


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  • How can public procurement help cities achieve their sustainable goals?

    Sustainable public procurement aims to address the impact on society of the goods, services and works purchased by the public sector and can be a powerful tool both for advancing sustainable development and for achieving local social and environmental objectives. The Making Spend Matter cities came together in Bistrita, Romania, to explore public procurement as a strategic instrument to spend public money efficiently and sustainably.

    Alison Taylor

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  • Leading innovation in local administrations

    By Loris Gherra

    Meeting with Rotterdam’s experts Jochem Cooiman and John de Ruiter

    Valeria Tarallo

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  • New opportunities in Brno: music as a bridge to a stronger social inclusion

    The first session of a new community choir, a music class in a newly-opened kindergarden and music programmes in two primary schools: these are the latest news on how URBACT OnStage is progressing in Brno!


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  • Resettlement Model. How to achieve a social mix?

    The model presented in this outputs is a description of the method of allocating municipal premises in tenement houses renovated within the framework of the revitalisation programme.


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  • Profiles & competences for mediators

    Revitalization is a very complex and complicated process, which, contrary to the common stereotype, includes not only property and road renovations, but also working with the community living in a degraded area. The aim of revitalisation is to improve the quality of life of the inhabitants, which can only be achieved through direct cooperation and contact with them.


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