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Edited on 10/04/2024

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Always on the look out for professionals to support its beneficiary cities and other programme activities, URBACT has just approved a first batch of Validated Experts.

Becoming an expert can open the door to a diverse range of missions to support approved networks and programme's activities. We need professionals -- individuals, not consortiums or consultancy agencies -- with practical and academic experience in a wide spectrum of fields contributing to sustainable urban development. Interested candidates can get involved at any time. The call for expert remains open until 2027.


Experts validated for the Lead expert role can support URBACT networks over the entire duration of the project-cycle as well as provide different Ad-hoc expertise missions in line with their specialisation. Experts validated for Ad-hoc expertise missions can be requested at any point in time by ongoing URBACT networks for supporting different network activities.


The URBACT IV Pool of Experts is ever growing, welcoming new faces on a regular basis. Following an application, the overall process of assessment can take up to a month. Validated Experts will then have their profiles showcased in our pool, where beneficiary cities and the URBACT Secretariat can search for different profiles and skill-sets.


The first batch has just been approved, discover the pool now! Cities that have responded to the call for Action Planning Networks are particularly welcome to start looking for suitable Experts.


Find an URBACT Expert





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Submitted by URBACT on 10/05/2023