URBACT's Strategic Public Procurement Online Course

Edited on 10/04/2024


The original introduction course gains new modules!

What is this course about?

Drawing upon the activities from previous networks, URBACT has developed a free online course to equip cities with the knowledge and tools required to embed social and environmental criteria into the process of public procurement and to progress strategic procurement.

Who is this course for?

The training is targeted at anyone with an interest in procurement and changing the way it is undertaken in cities. You could be a mayor or politician, a civil servant working in strategy or procurement department, or working in urban and economic development, or someone completely different and willing to learn!

How is this course structured?

Available on the URBACT Toolbox, the original course comprised 7 training modules and it was first released in 2021. Alongside city case studies, the training covered the procurement cycle. In 2022, in collaboration with EIGE, URBACT released 4 new transversal modules to raise awareness and help cities implement gender-responsive public procurement at local level.






Submitted by URBACT on 08/03/2022