URBACT publishes mobility guidance for cities of all sizes

Edited on 10/04/2024

The Walk'n'Roll booklets bring innovation to public spaces and mobility practices.

28 European cities of different sizes, coming from 16 different countries have come together to face today’s mobility challenges. In the framework of three URBACT Action Planning Networks, the city partners from the RiConnect, Space4People and Thriving Streets networks decided to start a close cooperation. Their work focused on the reflection of how public space aspects can improve urban sustainability and liveability, on different spatial scales, from metropolitan areas down to neighbourhood and street level.

The collaboration of the three networks passed beyond the objective of creating local integrated action plans. Together, these cities explored visions and interventions that could contribute to massive reduction of car use in our cities. Under the URBACT Knowledge Hub Walk’n Roll initiative, they have drawn many connections between topics related to mobility and the use of public space.

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Submitted by URBACT on 10/01/2023