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  • URBACT’s 2021 highlights

    Our Digital Communications Editor Ed Thorpe reviews the URBACT’ highlights from 2021 – another challenging year under the pandemic

    Ed Thorpe

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  • "Inspiring other cities to take action": URBACT city Clermont-Ferrand at COP26

    Clermont-Ferrand brings an important message to COP26: cities of all sizes have a central role to play in tackling climate change.

    Amy Labarrière

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  • URBACT goes (even) greener

    From a carbon-neutral festival to new URBACT IV city support, URBACT is strengthening its decarbonisation commitment at all levels

    Aleksandra Kluczka

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  • The road to COP26: climate change at the heart of URBACT cities of all sizes

    Towns and cities must boost local actions to reduce carbon emissions and combat climate change. Three URBACT cities show how…

    Marcelline Bonneau

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  • Seven Summer Browsings for City Enthusiasts

    Find out more about URBACT Transfer Networks and take action on the most pressing urban challenges.


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  • Six Summer Podcasts for City Enthusiasts

    Open your ears and listen to the latest on urban development issues from URBACT experts and cities!


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