Discover each one of the Action Planning Networks

Edited on 10/04/2024

The first round of URBACT IV networks have their webpages online!

If you have been following up closely the URBACT news, you already now that the last round of Action Planning Networks have been approved in May and have embarked in their activation journey with the Malmö URBACT University in August. Until the end of 2023, the beneficiary cities will be busy having their first transnational meetings, carrrying out all partners' city visits, consolidating their baseline study and setting up their multi-stakeholder groups -- the URBACT Local Groups.


Crucial to the co-creation of the local Integrated Action Plans, the URBACT Local Groups are key to the process of piloting small scale actions and testing activities. Finding the right motivated people to be involved in this process, as well as maintaining their engagement in the long run, will certainly be a challenge for the URBACT cities. Beneficiaries have a lot at hand.


On top of all that, until the end of the year, the networks will also start uploading content to their webpages, thus, sharing the first findings and progress to a wider audience.The Action Planning Networks webpages are entirely managed by cities themselves. This means that they are responsible to showcase any interim products, publish articles and news, not to mention to telling their own stories. As time goes by, be ready to gradually find more and more content in these pages!



Submitted by URBACT on 01/11/2023