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  • Playful Paradigm Gender Toolkit

    The 3rd Transnational Meeting for Playful Paradigm Second Wave, virtually hosted by the Municipality of Jelgava on February 24, 2022, focused on the Transfer Module 1 – PLAY for Sustainable Urban Regeneration.



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  • Active citizen = investment in the future

    The statutory city of Hradec Králové has enough experience with so-called "hard" investment projects. But even "soft" projects cannot be underestimated. For this reason, I consider it very important that the city continuously and systematically improves its capabilities in the field of community programs funded by the European Commission. This, very often so-called "soft" money can lead to improved processes by transferring "know-how" from other European cities. One of these opportunities is the involvement of the city in the URBACT networks, which are an example of how experience can be transferred from other European cities in the field of citizen participation and activation.

    Barbara Gautherie

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    Bertrand Girardi is Delegate Municipal Councilor in charge of the city of Agen’s Participative Democracy and in particular of the URBACT Program and European projects of citizen participation. Fascinated by politics from an early age, he describes his experience of participative democracy through the Urbact program.

    The Urbact program was integrated in the middle of the 2 mandates.

    Barbara Gautherie

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  • Play and Placemaking – a perfect match for great public spaces

    This article addresses two questions:

    How can we work together in communities to make better public spaces?

    How can play be used to create the momentum and focus for placemaking?

    The article follows on from an online transnational meeting held on 11 February 2022 where play and placemaking were explored by partners in the Playful Paradigm Second Wave Project.


    By Wessel Badenhorst

    URBACT Ad Hoc Expert

    April 2022



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  • Case study Granada: Social circularity at Santa Adela

    In this nineth and last case study delivered by the URGE network, the city of Granada shares their approach to the renewal of the Santa Adela quarter in which social circularity has contributed massively to a succesful revitalisation. In the next phase of the project, environmental circularity will be added. 

    City of Utrecht

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  • "Facilitating partnership brokering in an Industry 4.0"

    "Facilitating partnership brokering in an Industry 4.0" by Alison Partridge, Ad Hoc URBACT expert

    What can cities do to facilitate partnership brokering in an Industry 4.0 context? 

    Cristina Urizar

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