Your city in your pocket!

19/09/2022 19/09/2022


CARD4ALL is a Transfer network focused on the implementation of innovative services and technologies through a Citizen Card System. Cities can gather information to improve their services and use it for participative processes. It can be applied to promote social inclusion, local trade, urban mobility and sustainable living, thus creating a Smart City with Smart Citizens. The technology used allows the transferability and replication in different contexts.


Phase 2: Transfer Learning Period. Experiential Learning Stage. Transnational meetings: Antwerp, Suceava, Sassari and Clermont-Ferrand
Phase 1: Kick-off meeting: Jurmala and Transnational Conference: Gijón
Phase 2: Transfer Learning Period. Reflective Learning Stage.
Phase 2: Sharing Period. Contextual Support for Learning. Transnational Meeting: Jurmala. Exchange and Learning Seminar: Aveiro and Final Conference: Gijón

Laura González Méndez. Project coordinator.

Gijón City Council