Co-productive development of sustainable urban mobility plans

01/09/2015 08/06/2018


Cities that suffer from congestion, emission loads, social exclusion and, lastly decrease of the quality of life, have gathered in this Action Planning network. The road they have taken to tackle these challenges was the local adoption of Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SUMP), a concept for mobility planning that revolutionises traditional planning structures by placing people’s needs, integrated thinking and sustainablility at the centre of future developments. By sharing and addressing challenges of their mobility reality, the cities created a common vision towards identifying suitable measures and actions for the coming years and improving the competencies of all involved stakeholders.


Kick-off meeting in September (South East Region of Malta).
Transnational meetings in February (Bielefeld), April (Zadar) and June (Braga).
Final event in April (Zadar).

City Council Bielefeld
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