Connecting cities through education

04/04/2019 14/06/2021


Local Governments are leverages of educational innovation. We are aware of the opportunities & the needs in the city, we have a privileged knowledge of the stakeholders and, above all, we grow the future citizens. Thus, we should play an active role as educational policy-makers. ON BOARD Transfer network aims to help local governments to build new partnerships to co-create policies to empower younger people with the necessary skills to become active & engaged citizens able to face the challenges of new societies.

LEAD PARTNER : Viladecans - Spain
  • Halmstad - Sweden
  • Albergaria-a-Velha - Portugal
  • Nantes - France
  • Poznań - Poland
  • Tallinn - Estonia


April - Beginning Phase 1. October - End Phase 1. December - Beginning Phase 2.

February - Kick off meeting Phase 2 in Viladecans

May - Final event - End of the project