Resourceful Cities

Spaces for circular co-creation & action

08/01/2019 18/08/2022


RESOURCEFUL CITIES is an URBACT Action Planning Network of ten European cities. This project seeks to develop the next generation of urban resource centres, so they can serve as catalysts of the local circular economy, by adopting a participative and integrated approach. The resource centres strive to promote the positive economic, environmental and social impacts, notably for the circular economy. Thus, the network facilitates waste prevention, reuse, repair and recycling. The centres also work as connection points for citizens, new businesses, researchers and the public sector to co-create new ways to close resource loops at the local level. By bringing together interested actors to work alongside, the goal is to promote the change of values and mindset.

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LEAD PARTNER : The Hague - Netherlands
  • Mechelen - Belgium
  • Patras - Greece
  • Ciudad Real - Spain
  • Zagreb - Croatia
  • Oslo - Norway
  • Vila Nova de Famalicao - Portugal
  • Bucharest 3rd district - Romania
  • Cáceres - Spain
  • Opole - Poland



  • Phase 1: Kick-Off Meeting 1, The Hague 3-4 Oct


  • Phase 1: Kick-Off Meeting 2, Mechelen 12-14 Feb
  • Phase 2: Kick-Off Transnational meeting 1, online 7-8 Jul; Transnational meeting 2 *Stimulating Collaboration* 25-26 Nov
  • Phase 2: City-to-City Session *Scoping the eco system* 9 Sep; City-to-City Session *Scaling up local circular economy* 14 Dec
  • Transnational meeting 3 *The role of the city* 27-28 Jan
  • City-to-City Session *Circular Economy and territorial food systems* 18 Feb
  • Transnational meeting 4 *Education, Awareness & Engagement* 30-31 March
  • Transnational meeting 5 *Funding, Monitoring & Risk Assessment * 29-30 June
  • Phase 2: Final event in The Hague