Ending homelessness

05/06/2019 08/08/2022


To end homelessness through innovative housing solutions at city level is the main driver from the Action Planning network. It is not about managing homelessness, but rather putting an end to it using the Housing First model and gathering accurate data. ROOF aims to achieve the strategic goal of Functional Zero (no structural homelessness).

ROOF - Ending homelessness


Lead Partner : Ghent - Belgium
  • Braga - Portugal
  • Glasgow
  • Liège - Belgium
  • ODENSE - Denmark
  • Poznań - Poland
  • Thessaloniki - Greece
  • Timisoara - Romania
  • Toulouse Métropole - France


Housing Department, City of Ghent +32 9 266 76 40



  • Phase 1: Kick-Off Meeting in Paris (FR)

  • Final meeting phase 1 in Ghent (BE)
  • Phase 2: Kick-Off Meeting in Glasgow (UK) - online
  • ROOF workshop on storytelling - online
  • ROOF workshop on advocacy - online
  • Transnational meeting in Odense on data - online
  • Winter School Braga - online
  • Transnational meeting in Timisoara & Poznan - online
  • Advocacy network meeting discussing proposal of housing first/funding key messages for Europe - online
  • Advocacy network meeting discussing proposal of data key messages - online
  • Transnational meeting in Thessaloniki - online
  • Transnational meeting in Toulouse - online
  • Final event in Liège
  • Final event in Ghent



  • ROOF Methodology - Why arts?

    The ROOF Call for Artists project - how did we do it?

    The fields of arts/creativity and homelessness don’t immediately seem to fit together – one is about celebration, joy, expression; the other about poverty, trauma, isolation. And yet, these worlds are colliding together more and more in powerful and unexpected ways. 


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  • Gent OCMW

    Housing First in Ghent: why tailor-made guidance is so important

    Housing First in Ghent: why tailor-made guidance is so important


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Integrated Action Plans

ROOF Integrated Action Plan - City of Ghent

Through the ROOF project, Ghent takes the ambition to end homelessness for legal residents by 2040. The Integrated Action Plan is a long term policy plan that describes the vision, the model and the necessary actions to reach the goal of Functional Zero. Read more here!

Ghent - Belgium
Toulouse Metropole (FR)
ROOF Integrated Action Plan - Toulouse Métropole

Toulouse Metropole benefits of an institutional commitment in policies contributing to the eradication of homelessness, at national, regional and local level making it easier to mobilise stakeholders. Read more here!

Toulouse Métropole - France
Ending Homelessness Across Europe - ROOF Integrated Action Plan Glasgow (UK)
Co-design, collaboration and storytelling to prevent homelessness

In recent years, Glasgow has made significant progress in addressing homelessness. The Glasgow Rapid Rehousing Transition Plan (RRTP) runs until 2024. Read more here!

Glasgow - UK
ROOF Pozńan Integrated Action Plan
ROOF Integrated Action Plan - City of Pozńan

As part of the project, the Housing Affairs Office created a Local URBACT Group to co-design an integrated strategy. Read more here!

Pozńan - Poland
Towards ending homelessness in Timisoara - ROOF Integrated Action Plan
ROOF Integrated Action Plan - City of Timisoara

High costs of living in Timisoara makes it very difficult for one person receiving minimum wage, disabilities benefits, social benefits, minimum pension or working half time. Read more here!

Timisoara - Romania
ROOF Liège Integrated Action Plan
ROOF Integrated Action Plan - City of Liège

The City of Liège has a long experience in the field of homelessness. Until the 2000s, the approach was mainly emergency oriented: low threshold reception, street work and accommodation. Read more here!

Liège - Belgium
ROOF Odense Integrated Action Plan
ROOF Integrated Action Plan - City of Odense

At the start of 2009, there were 4 998 homeless people in Denmark and at the last count in 2019, there were 6 431 homeless people. Read more here!

Odense - Denmark
ROOF Thessaloniki Integrated Action Plan
Social and Affordable Housing and Combating Housing Exclusion and Homelessness in Thessaloniki

Housing in Greece has been dealt with primarily as an individual matter with sporadic and defunct interventions in the field of social housing. Currently, Greece has 0% social housing stock, an exception among all EU countries. Read more here!

Thessaloniki - Greece
Braga House of Skills - ROOF Integrated Action Plan
Braga House of Skills

The House of Skills project aims to create an innovative permanent housing solution to gather people who are homeless or at risk of housing and social vulnerability. Read more here!

Braga - Portugal