Prevent discrimination, strengthen cohesion

03/04/2018 14/06/2021


The Rumourless Cities transfer network is focused on the transfer of good practice established by the municipality of Amadora which addresses a need across all partners, namely how to counter growing negative attitudes towards a cross section of groups in society, which includes long established migrants (Third country nationals), Roma, recently arrived refugees, LGBTI people, and general homophobic stereotyping. This is an issue that is recognized at an EU level. The EU Fundamental Rights Agency in its 2018 report highlights how discrimination is still widespread within the EU . The report highlights that discrimination on the grounds of ethnic origin continues to be regarded as the most widespread form of discrimination in the EU (64%), followed by discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation (58%), gender identity (56%), religion or belief (50%), disability (50%), age (being over 55 years old, 42%) and gender (37%).


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LEAD PARTNER : Amadora - Portugal
  • Messina - Italy
  • Alba Iulia - Romania
  • Warsaw - Poland
  • Cardiff
  • Hamburg-Altona - Germany


Kick-off meeting and first transnational meeting

Fourth transnational meeting and two online seminars

Session during the European Week of Regions and Cities and Coffee with Partners

Third online seminar and Final Event



  • “Rumourless Cities”, a communication project for diversity and integration – the challenge in the city

    Amadora has assumed a strategy of building channels of knowledge and communication within it’s special multicultural context that includes citizens represented by 104 nationalities. Amadora today, draws its identity from the value its ethnic, cultural and social diversity. It is a city that rewrites itself through the resilience of different stories of migration. 

    Using action-research methodology, problems were diagnosed and discriminatory content about migrants in the city of Amadora were identified: “did you know that...” outlined a new communication alignment to integration, proximity to its residents, access to opportunities, restoring the truth and valuing the role of the migrant at the economic, social, educational and judicial level for the construction and development of the city.

    The implementation of the campaign “Do not Feed the Rumour” integrated in the joint EU/Council of Europe project “Communication for Integration: Social Networks for Diversity (C4I)”, involved a wide local social network.  

    The campaign was selected by the URBACT Programme as “good practice” and was subsequently selected as one of 23 networks for the transfer of good practice. Thus, the Rumourless Cities Network (RC) was created, led by the municipality of Amadora and involving five other European cities: Alba Iulia (Romania), Cardiff (United Kingdom), Hamburg - Altona (Germany), Messina (Italy) and Warsaw (Poland).

    Angela Maria Loporchio

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  • Cardiff Council – COVID-19 Response

    URBinclusion is a project funded by the EU URBACT programme and it is focused on the cocreation of new implementation solutions to reduce poverty in deprived urban areas. Integrated strategies addressing social inclusion will be implemented by the nine partners cities composing the network. This is the network's first newsletter that contains a description of the URBinclusion project, the partner cities as well as past and future steps.

    Angela Maria Loporchio

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  • Tackling Gender stereotypes amongst young people

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    Following a seminar hosted by Rumourless Cities, Ad Hoc Expert Haroon Saad  shares some thoughts on gender stereotypes amongst young people

    Angela Maria Loporchio

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  • Campaign tools to tackle discrimination and promote critical thinking in our cities

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    Following a seminar hosted by Rumourless Cities, Lead Expert Ruth Essex shares some thoughts on anti-discrimnation campaigning and the importance of critical literacy in our contemporary world

    Angela Maria Loporchio

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  • Positive narratives on integration

    General Presentation of Good Practice Call

    Angela Maria Loporchio

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  • Positive narratives on integration- building inclusive cities

    Following the workshop hosted by Rumourless Cities  at the 18th European Week of Regions and Cities, Lead Expert Ruth Essex reflects on how developing and reinforcing  inclusive city narratives is more important that ever…

    Angela Maria Loporchio

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    The impact of COVID-19 had created a serious problem for all partners in implementing much of what they had identified through the MTR and subsequently was agreed at the SGM in Warsaw. All partners are now working in a context of severe restrictions (lockdown is the phrase used in the press). Poland, Romania, Portugal, Italy, UK and Germany all have similar restrictions in place and this impacts on all our partner cities.

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    Angela Maria Loporchio

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  • Rumours or reality?

    Programme Lead Expert, Ruth Essex, shares her insights into promoting social cohesion and challenging the nature of rumour- ideas from her experience with Amadora, Portugal (PT)

    Ruth Essex

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