Managing global flows at local level

01/09/2015 01/06/2018


In September 2015, at what was the height of migration flows witnessed in the Europe since the Second World War, this Action Planning network began its activities. As a result of this global flow, one can observe a rapid change in the population structure and interactions between individuals and social groups: cities of migration are places of inclusion and exclusion. In this sense, Arrival Cities took place against a backcloth of rising discrimination and prejudice against immigrants. The network's cities have had to tackle the new and old challenges to ensure the migrants' integration.

Arrival Cities APN logo
ARRIVAL CITIES logo - Managing global flows at local level


LEAD PARTNER : Amadora - Portugal
  • Val-de-Marne - France
  • Oldenburg - Germany
  • Dresden - Germany
  • Riga - Latvia
  • Vantaa - Finland
  • Thessaloniki - Greece
  • Patras - Greece
  • Messina - Italy
  • Roquetas de Mar - Spain


CONTACT: Av. Movimento das Forças Armadas, 2700-595 Amadora, Portugal. Tel.: +351 21 436 9000



Kick-off meeting in September (Dresden).

Transnational meeting in January (Vaanta), May (Thessaloniki) and September (Oldenburg).

Final event in April (Brussels)