Boosting social impact - Investing in society with Social Impact Bond development

05/06/2019 08/08/2022


The goal of this Action Planning Network was to explore how social impact bonds can be used to improve public service delivery in areas such as employment, ageing, and immigration. Often, the delivery of services is hindered by fragmented and siloed agencies and budgets, financial and political short-termism, and an aversion to risk and difficulty creating change. The social impact bond is a promising model that ameliorates these issues by increasing collaboration, prevention, and innovation.


LEAD PARTNER : Heerlen - Netherlands
  • Aarhus - Denmark
  • Baia Mare - Romania
  • Fundão - Portugal
  • Kecskemét - Hungary
  • Pordenone - Italy
  • Võru County - Estonia
  • Zaragoza - Spain


CONTACT US: Municipality of Heerlen, The Netherlands - Team Policy, Domain Society
mailbox 1, 6400 AA Heerlen, visiting address: Putgraaf 188 Heerlen



  • Phase I Kick-off event in Heerlen
  • Lead Partner & Lead Expert City Visits
  • Phase I Final Event in Fundao
  • Phase II Activation Meeting Online
  • Masterclasses 1-6 - Online & Physical
  • Transnational Meetings Sept 2021 - April 2022 in Voru, Pordenone, Zaragoza, Aarhus, Kecskemét, Baia Mare
  • Phase II Final Meeting in Heerlen

Integrated Action Plan

Võru County Integrated Action Plan

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Võru County - Estonia
Integrated Action Plan Baia Mare

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Baia Mare - Romania
Kecskemét Integrated Action Plan

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Kecskemét - Hungary
Pordenone Integrated Action Plan

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Pordenone - Italy
Fundão - Portugal
Aarhus Integrated Action Plan

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Aarhus - Denmark
Zaragoza Integrated Action Plan

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Zaragoza - Spain
Heerlen Integrated Action Plan

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Heerlen - Netherlands