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Boosting the Frequency of Qualification

09/09/2016 08/06/2019


European cities face higher levels of Early Leaving from Education and Training (ELET) than their national averages, meaning that some urban areas have more ELET rates, than the countryside areas - contrary to the national trends of these cities' countires. This represents a serious challenge, as ELET has significant societal and individual consequences, such as a higher risk of unemployment, poverty, marginalization and social exclusion. Tackling this issue means breaking the cycle of deprivation and the intergenerational transmission of poverty and inequality.

LEAD PARTNER : Ghent - Belgium
  • Ampelokipi - Menemeni - Greece
  • Aveiro - Portugal
  • Barcelona - Spain
  • Berlin - Germany
  • Gothenburg - Sweden
  • Nantes - France
  • Sofia - Bulgaria
  • Tallinn - Estonia

Operational Implementation Framework