Tourism Friendly Cities

Local community & tourists together for urban sustainability

05/06/2019 08/08/2022


TOURISM-FRIENDLY CITIES is an Action Planning Network aimed at exploring how tourism can be made sustainable in medium-sized cities, reducing the negative impact on neighbourhoods and areas interested by different types of tourism and its related aspects through integrated and inclusive strategies keeping a balance between the needs of the local community, in terms of quality of life and of services available, and the promotion of sustainable urban development at environmental, social and economic level.


Lead Partner : Genoa - Italy
  • Braga - Portugal
  • Cáceres - Spain
  • Druskininkai - Lithuania
  • Dubrovnik - Croatia
  • Dún Laoghaire Rathdown - Ireland
  • Krakow - Poland
  • Rovaniemi - Finland
  • Venice - Italy

Municipality of Genoa - International Affairs Department


Watch all the Tourism Friendly videos here.


  • Kick-Off Meeting - Genoa - Phase I
  • TNS Meeting - Braga - Phase I
  • Online Kick-Off Meeting - Phase II
  • e-Dubrovnik meeting - Phase II
  • Online Meeting - Phase II
  • e-Druskininkai meeting - Phase II
  • TNS Meeting - Dun Laoghaire - Phase II
  • TNS Metting - Rovaniemi - Phase II
  • TNS Meeting - Krakow - Phase II
  • Final Meeting - Venice - Phase II

Integrated Action Plans

Dun Laoghaire Integrated Action Plan

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Dun Laoghaire - Ireland
Druskininkai Integrated Action Plan

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Druskininkai - Lithuania
Integrated Action Plan for Sustainable Tourism – Cáceres

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Cáceres - Spain
Braga Integrated Action Plan

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Braga - Portugal
Krakow Integrated Action Plan

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Krakow - Poland
Integrated Action Plan for Dubrovnik as a Sustainable Tourism Destination

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Dubrovnik - Croatia
Enhancing sustainable tourism in Venice

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Venice - Italy

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Rovaniemi - Finland
Integrated Action Plan for Sustainable Tourism

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Genoa - Italy