Welcoming International Talent

Cities looking for global talents

03/04/2018 14/06/2021


This Transfer network focus on Higher education and knowledge economy, both have become a global competition for talent. Whereas the main European cities attract both students and skilled-workers by their scale and fame, medium-sized cities, like Groningen, will need a policy to attract talent, and to keep them economically active. In this project the best practice of Groningen, a welcoming policy for International Students and skilled workers, is transferred to other cities.

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Lead Partner : Groningen - Netherlands
  • Bielsko-Biala - Poland
  • Debrecen - Hungary
  • Leuven - Belgium
  • Magdeburg - Germany
  • Parma - Italy
  • Zlín - Czech Republic



Kick-off Meeting - Groningen, the Netherlands

Transnational Meetings 2019 - Debrecen, Hungary - Zlin, Czech Republic - Parma, Italy - Magdeburg, Germany - Bielsko-Biala, Poland

Transnational Meeting 2020 - Leuven, Belgium, Final Meeting - Groningen, the Netherlands

Final Conference Welcoming International Talent