Book of Ideas

The BOOK OF IDEAS is a tool developed by URBACT sub>urban network. It aims at giving insight on a topic and at providing a set of tools to share the learning acquired in meetings and put it into action.

The basic structure of the Book of ideas, in the case of a transnational meeting


Who is the tool for?

When should the tool be used?

City practitioner in charge of multi-stakeholder groups – Local stakeholder –  Expert – Communication Officer – Project coordinator

It should be used when following-up on a meeting.

It can be used as an output.

Looking for some examples?

How to use it online?

This tool can be used during online meetings to share the learning of this online exchange.  Obviously, you will not be able to take interesting pictures during your meeting. However, you can use others digital materials such as a screenshot of the virtual brainstorming whiteboard that you might have produced or a short video compilation of key moments of the meeting (including inspiring quotes, for example). You can also organise a virtual "family portrait" of the participants wearing funny accessories. This picture can then be used to introduce the participants in your Book of ideas.

Participants of the meeting can be assigned different tasks/roles:

  • e-Photograp capturing interesting or funny moments by taking screenshots of the webconference.
  • e-Cameraman recording the virtual meeting and producing a short video compilation
  • and more... Let's be creative!