Integrated Approach to Implementation

The Guide on INTEGRATED APPROACH TO IMPLEMENTATION covers they key issue of the integrated approach when delivering actions. It can help cities understand the different forms of integration and identify those which are relevant in their context using concrete examples from other cities

Who is this guide for?

How does it work?

Any city practitioner in charge of the joint delivery of an action plan and willing to work in an integrated way, following URBACT's principles.

The guide is divided in two parts:

  • The first one focusing on the nature of the challenge and what can be understood by 'integration';
  • The second one presenting practical tools, methods and integrated strategies.



Here are practical examples to illustrate the concepts:

Stay Tuned: Berlin (DE)

City Case

UrbInclusion: Copenhagen (DK)

City Case

INT-HERIT: Leiedal (BE)

Solution Story

Creative Spirits: Loulé (PT)

Solution Story

Creative Spirits: Ujbuda (HU)

City Case