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  • How can cities lead the change towards a circular economy? Reflections from the In4Green Thematic Working Group on Circular Economy

    The first of two, circular economy thematic working groups took place in Solingen on 28th February as part of the In4Green network. The working group looked at the circular economy policy context, how to design solutions, as well as reflecting on stakeholder involvement through a variety of case study examples

    Eileen Crowley

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  • Why are we still talking about gender equality? The FEMACT-Cities Action Planning Network: Addressing the implementation gap in gender equality policy

    Why are we still talking about gender equality?

    According to the EIGE’s Gender Equality Index, progress has been very mixed across the EU-27, and true gender equality still remains out of reach. Source: EIGE(2023).

    Mary Dellenbaugh

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  • CAD_article_5_edited

    From dusk till dawn: examining gender inequalities in urban nighttime economies

    International Women’s Day 2024 reminds us of the systemic gender inequalities in our society. This article sheds light on the role cities play in promoting safety, employability and quality of life for women.

    Simone d'Antonio

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  • Common solidarity kitchen (photo credit UIA project Tast'in Fives).

    Feeding change: Cities empowering healthier and more sustainable food choices

    Over the last five years, the French town of Mouans-Sartoux has reduced the carbon impact of its inhabitants by more than 20%.

    François Jégou

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  • Urban solutions in conflict: Ukraine’s cities take their place in URBACT

    Two years after the Russian invasion, the URBACT programme is coming to Ukraine.


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  • Group picture of +50 attendees to the Kick-off meeting in Avilés in front of a modern building (Niemeyer Center) in Avilés

    New beginnings: the start of a journey

    On the 24th and 25th of October, the first transnational meeting of the In4Green network was held in the heart of Avilés, bringing together representatives from 10 industrial cities in Europe

    Carmen Santos

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