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Hear from the URBACT community on today’s most pressing challenges and inspiring examples from all around Europe. Find the inspiration you have been looking for to put knowledge into action!

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  • URBACT Local Groups_COVER

    How can local groups live on after URBACT projects end?

    URBACT experts share three strategies for towns and cities to ensure their URBACT-sparked local participation keeps on thriving.


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  • Rising temperatures

    URBACT cities are driving Europe’s acceleration towards a circular economy

    Urban circular economy solutions could keep global temperature rise below 2°C, writes Dr. Eleni Feleki, Lead Expert from the URGE Network.

    Eleni FELEKI

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  • How EU cities can localise SDGs through integrated action planning

    Global Goals For Cities Lead Expert Stina Heikkila shows URBACT cities taking steps to link local and global sustainability goals.

    Stina Heikkila

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  • URBACT at the WUF11_COVER

    URBACT brings Gender Equal Cities to WUF11

    Present at the 11th World Urban Forum, URBACT has left its mark on how cities can be better planned for all. 


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  • Are participatory processes a fantasy_COVER

    Are participatory processes a fantasy? Not for URBACT!

    Municipalities are daring to give more voice and space to citizens in policymaking. Stories from URBACT…

    Christophe Gouache

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  • Alternative to mass tourism? Sustainable tourism and the regulation of short-term rentals

    A study involving URBACT cities highlights the need for local solutions that ‘Prepare, Preserve, and Platformise’ holiday rentals.

    Laura Colini

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