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  • 10 times URBACT has driven change for Gender Equal Cities - COVER

    10 times URBACT has driven change for Gender Equal Cities

    Throughout the years, URBACT has led the way towards gender equality. The experience from cities bears witness of change.


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  • Can urban public space foster equality in cities_COVER

    Can urban public spaces foster equality in cities?

    In the lead up to the International Women’s Day, let’s look into this question and much more.

    Ileana Toscano

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  • Nataliya Lazarenko at the URBACT City Festival - COVER

    How Ukrainian cities stand up a year after Russia’s invasion?

    A year after the Russian invasion in Ukraine, URBACT takes the opportunity to interview Nataliya Lazarenko from the Association of Ukrainian Cities.


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  • Valentine's Day - Be my project partner - COVER

    Perfect partners?

    How to put together a strong partnership for an URBACT Network.

    Sally Kneeshaw

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  • Women using her phone to take a picture at the Tallinn URBACT City Festival

    Digital Transition in cities – how can it benefit citizens?

    Take a trip down memory lane with us. Re-discover stories and reflections that we've captured over the last years. This article was first published in 2019 and, yet, is more relevant than ever, with digital transition at the heart of EU cohesion policy objectives and the URBACT Programme.

    Marcelline Bonneau

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  • Is the compact city model endangered? Article COVER

    Is the compact city model endangered?

    Three Action Planning Networks (2019 - 2022) came together to gather inspiration on how people can experience and move through the city.

    Ivan Tosics

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