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    Je li model povezanog grada ugrožen?

    Pod inicijativom Walk’n’Roll, 27 europskih gradova iz tri URBACT mreže (RiConnect, Thriving Streets i Space4People) imali su zajedničku misiju. Zajedno su promišljali o tome kako mobilnost može igrati važnu ulogu u izgradnji boljih javnih prostora i povećanju kvalitete života lokalnih zajednica. Iván Tosics, URBACT stručnjak koji je pratio njihovu razmjenu i učenje, dijeli s nama neke od najvažnijih zaključaka, otkrića i otvorenih pitanja koja su se pojavila u sklopu Walk’n’Roll inicijative i koja su objedinjena u potpuno novom vodiču. Uživajte u čitanju!

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    Digital transition - are you ready?

    Digital transition – is your city ready for it?

    Digital solutions and ideas are coming at us thick and fast, and it can be hard for city staff and politicians to keep up. It’s therefore important for cities to be able to navigate around this universe and take advantage of its full potential. City administrations and municipalities have a vital role to play in the digital transition, alongside the private sector. From green matters to participative governance, from education to economy, digital solutions can help urban practitioners to deliver better and more integrated approaches at local level. 


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    Digital Transition in cities – how can it benefit citizens?

    Take a trip down memory lane with us. Re-discover stories and reflections that we've captured over the last years. This article was first published in 2019 and, yet, is more relevant than ever, with digital transition at the heart of EU cohesion policy objectives and the URBACT Programme.

  • Veiksmīgi aizvadīta pirmā URBACT IV programmas Informatīva diena

    2023. gada 26. janvārī Vides aizsardzības un reģionālās attīstības ministrija (VARAM) un URBACT Nacionālais kontaktpunkts Latvijā tiešsaistē organizēja pirmo URBACT IV programmas Informatīvo dienu. Pasākuma laikā dalībnieki tika informēti par URBACT IV programmas iespējām. Pasākumam reģistrējās ap 120 dalībnieku no dažādām pašvaldībām.

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    Finding Ukrainian refugees a home in Europe - webinar

    Online Webinar: Long Term Options for Housing Ukrainian Refugees across Europe

    Habitat for Humanity International, responding on the ground since day one, has commissioned in-depth research to look at the long-term housing solutions for refugees from Ukraine. The research conducted by the Metropolitan Research Institute provides an overview of the responses to the diverse housing needs of people fleeing the conflict that have been offered by civil society, private sector, local authorities, and humanitarian actors in five EU countries: Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, Poland and Germany.

  • ULG Views, Trikala

    URBACT Local Groups are key in the construction of partner cities’ Investment Plans & Springboard Plan. They represent the different stakeholders, members from the community, local government, and the private sector, that could make the successful transfer of Vilawatt’s relevant pillars.