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  • Reflecting on the Resourceful Cities journey to date

    Setting out on this journey over two years ago, we met (most of us) for the first time, in The Hague, in early October 2019. Little did we realise the luxury of that opportunity to meet face to face

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    Monitoring & Risk Assessment Quick Guide

    This document is a practical guide for URBACT Resourceful Cities APN partners.

  • Urban Local Group The Hague: the next step towards their resource center

    On the 28th of October the ULG-members (Urban Local Group) of The Hague organized a session to put their vision on the URBACT Resourceful Cities trajectory into writing. The ULG exists of local

  • Pop-up workshop in Oslo

    During the autumn break in Oslo the Agency of Waste Management and the City District of Alna organized several autumnal activities.

  • Funding actions and monitoring implementation - key focus points of our action oriented 5th transnational meeting


    By Eileen Crowley, Lead Expert of Resourceful Cities

    It was great to catch up with all our wonderful partners during the 5th transnational meeting of our Resourceful Cities network which took place

  • Restart Eco Business Model

    This is a business model for RESTART Opole.
    It is part of the notes for the project meeting concerning Opole.

  • Opole shares how to involve all groups of society and their view on education

    article_about_the_vital_cities_project_published_in_the_budapester_zeitung_magazine (nr. 18th 2017)