Paving the way for a circular transition of cities

01/06/2023 31/12/2025


LET‘S GO CIRCULAR! network is paving the way for a sustainable, just and productive transition of cities towards a functioning Circular Economy. It addresses all issues relevant to a holistic strategy of circular city ecosystems, fostering innovative solutions. The concept of the 10 R Ladder (from REFUSE to RECOVER) serves as an underlying principle for the action planning. 

LEAD PARTNER : Munich - Germany
  • Riga - Latvia
  • Cluj Metropolitan Area - Intercommunity Development Association - Romania
  • Guimarães - Portugal
  • Kapodistriaki Development S.A. - Greece
  • Granada - Spain
  • Oulu - Finland
  • Lisboa E-Nova Agência de Energia e Ambiente de Lisboa - Portugal
  • Malmö - Sweden
  • Tirana - Albania


First transnational meeting on 25-27 September 2023  in Munich, Germany.


Lead Expert