Improving city resilience

03/09/2015 08/06/2018


Becoming more resilient means that a city strives to enhance its ability to bounce back and grow even stronger and better in the face of the chronic stresses and acute shocks. As such, city resilience is a continuous challenge for individuals, communities, institutions, businesses and infrastructure systems to address current trends and future transitions. This Action Planning network looked at the challenges of achieving resilience in and of our cities in a comprehensive and holistic way, by applying the lessons from the innovative governance approach of Transition Management. This approach is a process-oriented and participatory steering that enables social learning through iterations between collective vision development and experimenting.

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Lead Partner : Rotterdam - Netherlands
  • Antwerp - Belgium
  • Bristol
  • Burgas - Bulgaria
  • Glasgow
  • Ioannina - Greece
  • Katowice - Poland
  • Malmö - Sweden
  • Potenza - Italy
  • Thessaloniki - Greece
  • Vejle - Denmark

City of Rotterdam - Coolsingel 40, 3011 AD Rotterdam


Kick-off meeting in September (Katowice).

Transnational meetings in March (Ioanina) and October (Malmo).

Final event in March (Rotterdam).