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  • City-led initiatives across Europe to help Ukrainian people

    Find out about some of the ways EU countries are helping Ukraine.


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  • URBACT launches successful e-University on implementation and funding of city action plans

    New capacity-building focus will help cities plan – and fund – cross-cutting local actions to improve residents’ lives.

    Sally Kneeshaw

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  • Eight exciting URBACT developments to look out for in 2022!

    As URBACT prepares to welcome more, diverse towns and cities, what highlights can we expect in the programme’s year ahead?


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  • Small Scale Actions: an URBACT innovation helping cities experiment local solutions

    From community assemblies to green city walks, trials are improving urban policymaking across the EU.

    Sally Kneeshaw

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  • URBACT’s 2021 highlights

    Our Digital Communications Editor Ed Thorpe reviews the URBACT’ highlights from 2021 – another challenging year under the pandemic

    Ed Thorpe

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  • "Inspiring other cities to take action": URBACT city Clermont-Ferrand at COP26

    Clermont-Ferrand brings an important message to COP26: cities of all sizes have a central role to play in tackling climate change.

    Amy Labarrière

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