Arts and culture leading climate action in cities

19/09/2022 19/09/2022


Transfer the work of Manchester Arts Sustainability Team (MAST) to support cities to mobilise their arts and culture sectors to contribute towards local climate change action is the aim of the C-CHANGE network. This can be done by: 1) Developing local policies, governance and capacity to act 2) Developing plans to reduce CO2 emissions and/or adapt to climate change, and supporting implementation 3) Developing plans to use arts and culture to engage citizens to act, and supporting implementation 4) Encouraging replication in other cities.



Kick-off meeting
  • Transnational meeting - Mantova
  • Transnational meeting - Manchester
  • Transnational meeting - Agueda
  • Transnational meeting - Manchester
  • Transnational meeting - virtual
  • Exchange & Learning Seminars
  • Final event