Find your Greatness

Europe's first strategic brand building program for smart cities

05/06/2022 08/08/2022


Find your Greatness is a concept that reflects the most challenges addressed by AIM together with other EU local communities. Why Find your Greatness? Because the challenge is to build on the cities' potential. In the case of the partners of the project the need identified locally and which was built as a sustainable mechanism generating urban development, the need to explore and enhance the potential of the city, combining strategic marketing approach with innovative smart city tools.


Lead Partner : Alba Iulia - Romania
  • Bragança - Portugal
  • Candelaria - Spain
  • Limerick - Ireland
  • 22nd district of Budapest (Budafok-Tétény) - Hungary
  • Perugia - Italy
  • Võru County - Estonia
  • Wroclaw - Poland

Alba Iulia Municipality, Calea Motilor 5A, 510134, Romania



Kick-Off Meeting

2nd Transnational Meeting

3rd Transnational Meeting in Alba Iulia

4th Transnational Meeting in Wroclaw

5th Transnational Meeting in Voru

6th Transnational Meeting in Braganca

7th Transnational Meeting in Alba Iulia

8th Transational Meeting in Budafok

9th Final Project Conference in Perugia