Digital, social media and user-generated content improving urban governance

01/09/2015 08/06/2018


This Action Planning network explored how digital, social media and user generated content can improve today’s urban management in European cities, whatever size. This challenge has been tackled in two ways: as an opportunity to redefine and deepen the concept of citizenship and civic engagement today, providing a path to spark cohesion, commonalities and shared value as well as increasing sense of place. As well as a way to improve the quality of public services, in terms of efficiency and transparency, and even widen the current service chart provided by local authorities.

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Lead Partner : Genoa - Italy
  • Alba Iulia - Romania
  • Lisbon - Portugal
  • Debrecen - Hungary
  • Ghent - Belgium
  • Murcia - Spain
  • Palermo - Italy
  • Paris - France
  • Tartu - Estonia
  • Varna - Bulgaria

City of Genoa - Via di Francia, 1 - XI floor. 16149 Genova



  • Phase 2 kick-off meeting in September (Alba Iulia)
  • Transnational meetings in February (Lisbon), June (Tartu) and October (Ghent).
  • Transnational meeting in January (Murcia). Final event in April (Genoa).