Reinventing the fringe

01/09/2015 01/06/2018


The cities from this network searched for a solution to the following challenge: how can we make existing 20th century urban tissue attractive and qualitative again? How can we add a different urban layer? For the past two decades, urban development and planning practice in European cities and regions have focused on the renewal of metropolitan cores and historic inner cities. This has resulted in numerous success stories, but the wave of urban renewal in centres has generally coincided with strong population growth and demographic changes. Many inner cities have reached their peak in terms of density, population and mobility. At the same time most of the housing in 20th century (sub)urban areas are in need of renovation. The next logical step is a combined solution to these issues by reconverting this areas, to create a more sustainable and attractive environment.

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LEAD PARTNER : Antwerp - Belgium
  • Casoria - Italy
  • Solin - Croatia
  • Baia Mare - Romania
  • Vienna - Austria
  • Brno - Czech Republic
  • Oslo - Norway
  • Dusseldorf - Germany
  • Barcelona Metropolitan Area - Spain

CONTACT: City of Antwarp, Grote Markt 1 - 2000 Antwarpen

All video stories are available here.


Kick-off meeting in July (Antwerp). Transnational meeting in November (Casoria).

Transnational meetings in February (Oslo), June (Brussels) and October (Dusseldorf).

Transnational meeting in January (Brno). Final event in May (Barcelona).