Leaving no-one behind in a digital world

01/06/2023 31/12/2025


DIGI-INCLUSION network aims to tackle social exclusion and boost digital inclusion not only by granting access to technology but by enabling people to develop the necessary skills and to become sufficiently empowered to take full advantage of the opportunities offered by the digital world. 

LEAD PARTNER : Mollet del Vallès - Spain
  • Jelgava - Latvia
  • Alexandroupolis - Greece
  • Torres Vedras - Portugal
  • Gdańsk Entrepreneurship Foundation - Poland
  • Iași - Romania
  • Boulogne sur mer Développment Côte d'Opale - France
  • Lepida ScpA - Italy
  • Department for Development and International Projects of Government of Zenica-Doboj Canton - Bosnia-Herzegovina


First Transnational Meeting in Mollet del Vallès.




Second Transnational meeting on 15-17 of April 2024 in Torres Vedras (Portugal)



Third Transnational meeting on 10 - 12 of June 2024 in Jelgava (Latvia)







Fourth Transnational meeting in Autumn 2024 in Iasi (Romania)





















Bilateral meetings, which are strongly recommended, are expected to be held in Spring 2025. 

Fifth Transnational meeting in Summer 2025 in Boulogne sur Mer (France). 








Sixth Transnational meeting in Autumn 2025 in Bolognia (Italy). 

Lead Expert