Smart specialisation towards industrial digital transformation

14/06/2021 01/12/2022


The AS Fabrik Transfer Mechanism pilot seeks to share the experience of Bilbao in the AS FABRIK Urban Innovative Actions project  with other European cities, which want to meet the ultimate approaches in the field of the smart specialisation in Industry 4.0 and digital economy. AS FABRIK was conceived to increase the competitiveness of the local KIBS sector and to prepare them to supply the digital transformation demands of the manufacturing sector. An strategic alliance based on knowledge and innovation that aims to improve the local ecosystems of cities, with city businesses, universities, local service providers and entrepreneurs hosted in a tailor-made innovative space.


Lead Partner : Bilbao - Spain
  • Bielsko-Biala - Poland
  • Tartu - Estonia
  • Timisoara - Romania



  •  Transnational Network Meeting - Bilbao Kick-off Meeting (07/01-07/02)
  • Transnational Network Meeting - Tartu (10/28-10/29)



  • Transnational Network Meeting - Bielsko-Biala (01/21)
  • Transnational Network Meeting - Timisoara (05/11-05/13)


  • AS TRANSFER office stock image

    Facilitating partnership brokering in an Industry 4.0

    An article by AS TRANSFER Ad-hoc Expert, Alison Patridge.

  • AS TRANSFER team during meeting in Paris

    AS TRANSFER - What is going on?

    What has AS TRANSFER been up to until today?

  • AS TRANSFER introductory article

    Boosting the competitiveness: lessons from Bilbao's manufacturing industries

    An article by the AS TRANSFER Lead Expert, Willem van Winden.






More about AS Fabrik

Euronews showcases in this video Bilbao As Fabrik as an example of service-based technology for an improved industrial sector.