Green transition in small cities along transport corridors

01/06/2023 31/12/2025


EcoCore focuses on accelerating the green transition in the industrial areas of partner cities. It aims to build the capacity of small cities in addressing climate change by promoting a green economy agenda and assisting local stakeholders, particularly businesses, in transitioning to low-carbon energy sources for transportation, heating and electricity. Network activities will create significant momentum for a green energy transition, especially in the work environments of the industrial areas of the partner cities.

LEAD PARTNER : Balbriggan - Ireland
  • Dubrovnik Development Agency - Croatia
  • Razvojno raziskovalni center Ormož - Slovenia
  • Alba Iulia - Romania
  • Kekava County - Latvia
  • Santo Tirso - Portugal
  • Pärnu - Estonia
  • Villena - Spain
  • Tuusula - Finland


First transnational meeting on 21-22 November in Dublin, Ireland.


Lead Expert