Connecting cities for better life

05/06/2019 08/08/2022


Internet of Things as a policy instrument for the city change. It encourages the creation of a network of European partners committed to the design of digitalization plans based on Internet of Things (IoT) solutions to increase the quality of life in small and medium sized EU cities. URBACT methodology based on transnational cooperation between cities and engagement of local groups offer to our network of 9 cities the conditions to each develop an Integrated Action Plan that will guide us through a new age of digital transformation.


Lead Partner : Fundão - Portugal
  • Ånge - Sweden
  • Dodoni - Greece
  • Jelgava - Latvia
  • Kežmarok - Slovakia
  • Nevers - France
  • Razlog - Bulgaria
  • SALEG - Saxony-Anhalt


  • 25 June, 2019 - IoTXchange Phase 1 APPROVED!
  • 14–16 October, 2019 - Kick-Off Meeting, Fundão







  • 27-28 January, 2020 – Phase 1 Final Meeting, Vaasa and Nykarleby
  • 7 May, 2020 - IoTXchange Phase 2 APPROVED!
  • 17 June, 2020 - Activation Meeting Phase 2 @ONLINE
  • 12 October, 2020 - Transnational Meeting Nr. 1 Nevers @ONLINE
  • 3-4 December, 2020 - Project Meeting, Åbo Akademy/Nykarleby @ONLINE
  • 22-23 April, 2021 - Transnational Meeting Nr. 2 Ånge @ONLINE
  • 8 June, 2021 - Touch Base Project Meeting @ONLINE
  • 15-16 September, 2021 - Transnational Meeting Nr. 3 Jelgava Local Municipality @ONLINE
  • 2-3 December, 2021 - Transnational Meeting Nr. 4 Kezmarok @ONLINE


  • 17-19 February, 2021 - Transnational Meeting Nr. 5 Dodoni @ONLINE
  • 27-29 April, 2022 - Transnational Meeting Nr. 6 Razlog
  • 26-28 June, 2022 - Final Meeting, Fundão



Final products

  • See all the testimonials from URBACT Local Groups members here.
  • Check out the IoTxChange platform here.
IoTXchange presents its Network Result Product, an explanatory video that demonstrates the crucial role that Information Technologies and in particular Internet of Things (IoT) play in urban sustainable development of small and medium-sized cities, namely by increasing the local economy competitiveness, promoting citizens' life quality and delivering connected services to citizens and visitors.

Integrated Action Plans

IoTxChange Action Plan - Make Fundao an IoT city
Make Fundão an IoT city

The municipality of Fundão is situated in the Centro Region of Portugal, belonging to the Beiras and Serra da Estrela sub-region and to Castelo Branco district, and occupies an area of approximately 700 Km², in which 23 parishes are distributed. Read more here!

Fundão - Portugal
Smart municipality development plan for Jelgava

Jelgava Local Municipality sees value in nurturing technology research, testing and implementation in order to increase life quality for citizens and optimise public service operations. Read more here!

Jelgava -Latvia
City of Kezmarok Integrated Action Plan

The town is located in the Podtatranská kotlina, in the northern part of the Popradská kotlina, in the valley of the river Poprad. To the west lie the High Tatras and the Kežmarok Uplands, to the east of Kežmarok the Levočské hills rise. Read more here!

Kezmarok - Estonia
Integrated Action Plan for the Municipality of Razlog

Razlog Municipality is located in southwestern Bulgaria. Its territory is defined by borders with Belitsa municipality, Rila municipality, municipality Blagoevgrad, Simitli municipality, Kresna municipality and Bansko municipality. Read more here!

Razlog - Bulgaria
Integrated Action Plan from Nevers Agglomeration

A historically industrial territory, during the second part of the 20th century, Nevers Agglomeration’s economy revolved around big industrial companies (such as Philipps for example), who were then important employers. Read more here!

Nevers Agglomeration - France
Improving life through connectivity in Ange

Ånge municipality is a rural area in center of Sweden. Ånge is a small municipality with about 9200 residents, despite being small, Ånge is futures oriented and holds many thriving communities. Read more here!

Ange - Sweden
Building the future in Dodoni

Dodoni municipality is a Rural Area in the NorthWest of Epirus and in the western mainland of Greece. The municipality consists of 56 local communities covers a vast area of 658.880 acres, and with a population of 9.693 inhabitants thus it is sparsely populated. Read more here!

Dodoni - Greece
Integrated Action Plan for the city of Nykarleby

The city of Nykarleby needs to cope with the changes that are taking place in Finnish society. Especially for cities and municipalities in rural areas the age structure is challenging as younger people move to larger cities while the state subsidies for the municipal sector have decreased. Read more here!

Nykarleby - Finland