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  • Shaping our City Stories – an event series by the URBACT Cities for Sustainability Governance network

    Europe and the world rely on dedicated and determined local leaders. Cities of all sizes create inclusive and sustainable future, when planned and managed well. 

    Karin Luhaäär

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  • Event

    Webinar: Shaping our City Stories - how SDGs can be used strategically by cities

    Through this 90-minute session, participants will learn more about some of the networks and flagship programmes in Europe and the world supporting SDG work in cities, and how to be part of the strategic dialogue.



  • "All things, to all people, at all times", the Cities@Heart Baseline Study

    Covering themes from nightlife to the circular economy, the 30 URBACT IV Action Planning Networks began their journey of integrated urban development in June 2023. This baseline study, conducted from September to December 2023 in ten different countries, compiles urban analyses and site-specific visits to create the project roadmap for the URBACT Cities@Heart network, aiming to generate actionable knowledge for revitalising city centres.

    The purpose of this baseline study is to define the framework for learning, knowledge exchange, and capacity building over the project's two-and-a-half-year duration. It establishes a clear methodology for focusing, categorising, and sharing network learnings.

    Santamaria-Varas Mar

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    Infosessie : URBACT Good Practices & EUI City-to-City Exchanges

    Beide mogelijkheden hebben :


    - dezelfde doelstelling,  het verbeteren van de capaciteit van steden om beleid, strategieën en praktijken na te streven die bevorderlijk zijn voor duurzame stedelijke ontwikkeling


    - dezelfde doelgroep, Belgische steden en gemeenten 


    - dezelfde kwaliteit, een relatief licht aanvraagdossier en een snelle implementatie. 

    Fabian Massart
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    Session d’information : URBACT Good Practices & EUI City-to-City Exchanges

    Les deux opportunités ont :


    - un même objectif, améliorer la capacité des villes à mener des politiques, des stratégies et des pratiques favorables au développement urbain durable


    - un même public cible, les villes et les communes belges 


    - une même qualité,un dossier de candidature plutôt léger et une mise en action rapide 


    Fabian Massart
  • A group of people standing in the forest in front of an art installation depicting a spider

    Reflections after the second and third transnational meetings in Cehegin and Onda - Cehegín perspective


    The second and third international meetings of the URBACT GreenPlace network took place on March 11-14 in Spain. This event, organized in cooperation with another Spanish city, Onda, provided a platform for the exchange of knowledge and experiences between project partners and served as a forum for discussion on the importance of working and learning together in building a more sustainable future for our cities towards Integrated Action Plans.

    Joanna Gańcza-Pawełczyk

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