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  • Nourishing connections

    Food connects people, it can nourish connections between citizens. Many small- and medium sized cities face challenges of people feeling less connected to the city they live in then before. Connecting citizens, business, education and visitors through a common love for food allows to address many challenges that these cities face.

    The partners approach socio-environmental challenges through a ESG (environmental, social, governance) framework focused on food. The ESG framework allows to bring a private sector concept and its principles into  the public sector, strengthening the impact through using municipal government roles.[1]


    • A municipal role can be to adopt supply chain management policies - local consumption and sustainable production choices: farm to fork. (GREEN)
    • Circular approaches to food waste and production/packaging & transport.


    • The partners aim for healthy affordable and accessible food for all citizens (inclusivity of vulnerable groups).
    • The partners aim to develop an action plan where the policy topic food allows to connect people. The action plans that will be developed are food strategies as a basis for social and economic cohesion.
    • Food education allows to connect young students with job perspectives in the sector, ensuring future skilled labour and quality jobs in the city/area. Specific focus will be set on encouraging girls to take up an education in the food processing and agricultural sector. (GENDER)



    • An important role of city governments is facilitating partnerships between the actors within the city. This role can be described as ecosystem governance.
    • This includes economic connections and the stimulation of development and innovation through connecting stakeholders of the quadruple helix. The economic component includes the stimulation of smart and digital solutions in the food production and processing sector (integration of AI/robotics/...) and the translation of these new techniques into the educational system. (DIGITAL)


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  • Tech Revolution 2.0

    Lead Partner Barnsley
    • Alytus - Lithuania
    • Roeselare - Belgium
    • Rzeszow - Poland
    • Novska - Croatia


    Kick off meeting

    • TechRevolution meeting in Rzeszow (PL)

      Flexible Workspace 101 - It’s all about the love

      An article by Alison Patridge, TechRevolution Lead Expert.

    • TechRevolution study visit to Finland

      ‘Communities that play together stay together’

      Some reflections from Alison Patridge, Lead Expert, on the URBACT TechRevolution 2.0. network’s study visit to Helsinki, Espoo and Tampere in Finland.

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    Medium-sized post-industrial cities in Europe seek ways to grow & diversify their economies to compete with the pull of larger hubs. This is even more important in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Barnsley has been committed to growing higher value jobs, particularly within its tech and digital sectors. The Good Practice comprises 2 main pillars: - Enterprising Barnsley, an award-winning business support programme - The Digital Media Centre, a landmark hub for tech business in the town centre which has recently expanded into a second building as Barnsley expands The Seam - Barnsley's Digital Campus.

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